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Welcome to - Updated on July 15th, 2002

*Who would've thought I'd go nearly a month without updating? Well folks I've been lazy lately and there hasn't been a massive amount of news lately anyway. *The first thing I would like to give mention to is the Hurricangers VS Kamen Rider thing I mentioned before. It's actually two seperate movies. A Hurricanger movie and a Kamen Rider movie. So in fact, there is only two movies. Also speaking of Hurricanger.. Hurricane Green will be making his Japanese debut this Saturday.

*This saturday morning July 20th, we will see "The Wings Of Animaria", which is in fact the episode where we will get the Falcon Wildzord and finally see the magnificent Isis Megazord.

*Now the following week, July 27th and August 3rd is the date many of us have been waiting for. This is the week that we will see "Reinforcements From The Future" the Wild Force and Time Force teamup. The event of the summer is awaits. The following week of August 10th, "The Master's Last Stand" will air, which will no doubt be a great episode as well.

*Be sure to enjoy the excitement while it lasts, because August 10th is the last day that you will get to see new episodes of Wild Force on Fox Kids. The move to ABC is now, so be sure to make sure you have ABC and ABC Family. Also.. the next episode "Forever Red" is suposed to air on October 5th. So the way things are looking, we might have to go for a while without new episodes. More on this to come soon.

*Well I don't have a lot of time before I'm off to lunch, but I just wanted to say that there is some BIG NEWS that is out there. Something so big that I have been sworn to secrecy. I am at this time unable to tell you, but don't underestimate me. I will hopefully be able to reveal it soon. The information is already on one of the sites if you can find it. *Wink *Wink.

Well I'm off now.. Take care everyone..

Sincerely, the
~Iron Bison~

*Greetings all, I know it's been a while since my last update, but in all honestly there hasn't been a lot of interesting updates. But today a couple things have swept in, so I figured, I'd give a hollar.

*First of all, there are a couple of movies for the sentai series Hurricanger, that will have been confirmed. The first is Hurricangers VS Gaorangers, which is rumored to come out this fall. That means we will get some early shots of Ninja Storm VS Wild Force when it comes out. The second movie which we have a lovely poster for is Hurricangers VS Kamen Rider. For those of you that don't know, a Kamen Rider series was used to make the famous Maked Rider series. I'm not sure if this will be involved in Ninja Storm, but here is a nice poster of it. Our next poster comes from another Hurricanger movie which has been confirmed. This special poster shows up the confirmed Green Ninja Storm Ranger. Hopefully, we will get to see him soon. And speaking of Hurricanger, the two teams have finally joined forces. They've even formed the Typhoon God.

*Well, I've made a little bit more progress on my Lost Galaxy site. But it's still got a lot more construction to go.

*Well with the recent destruction of my discussion forum, I have created a new one. Check it Out!!

*This week we've got a new episode of Wild Force coming our way. It is titled "Three's A Crowd". It looks like an interesting episode.

*In other news, Power Rangers Ninja Storm will be filming in New Zealand next year. Sounds like a nice change. I'm glad to see Disney's finally using their powers for good.

*Well, that's about all I have to report on today. I hope you all have a good week.

~Iron Bison~

*Today the updates were well worth the wait. Next year's series has been CONFIRMED as Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Be sure to check the site for the new logo. I have to say it is beautiful. I don't think I have ever been more impressed by a logo before.

*I have also been working on a new project recently. Some people may have already noticed. The lost site has returned. The Green Galaxy Ranger's Homepage is making a comeback. However it is still under construction. Try to have a little patience if you can.

*This week's episode of Power Rangers Wild Force for June 15th is called "The Tornado Spin". We will have the appearence of the Wild Force Megazord (Justice Mode).

*With Digimon's third season under wraps, we will all await the premire of the fourth season that will premire on ABC Family. Be sure to catch this beloved fourth season. Just so you know there are plenty of cameos from past Digimon. A lot of the in-training Digimon as well as Gabumon and Togemon and many others.

*Well I don't really have a whole lot else to say, but I'm sure the information I did have for you was well worth it.

*Thanks and enjoy, the
~Black Wild Force Ranger~

*Well it's kind of been over a week since my last update. I've been a little on the lazy depressed side this week. Conflicts continue to surface.

*The first thing to cover is that this Saturday will be showing the season finalle of Digimon: Digital Monsters. This may be one of the biggest events this year, so be sure to catch this week's episodes.

*Also, this week's episode of Wild Force looks interesting. The names of some of the upcoming titles have been revealed. Click Here and scroll to the bottom to see what they are.

*Also, revealed in the opening is the Primal Warrior, a new armor for the Red Ranger. Be sure to check that out if you haven't seen it. I guess this means the Lunar Ranger will have the Savage Battle.

*Also, it has been revealed that Bulk and Skull will be returning for the Power Rangers X: Tenth Anniversary special event. And Ransik and Nadira will both be returning for the Time Force teamup. And this has been rumored to be down to a two parter.

*By request, I'm going to point out the ratings on the movie Spiderman. The ratings are very high and from what I've been told, it's close to passing Jurassic Park on the list for #3, was it? Anyways, it seems that Titanic is #1, so I encourage you to go see this movie as many times as possible to make this movie #1 and once and for all kill off Titanic. Personally, I very much enjoyed this movie. It was even better than Starwars, which I liked very much.

*I don't really think there's anything else to update on this week. It's been a rather slow week and I haven't done any projects this week, so you're all set.

*Enjoy yourselves, the
~Iron Bison~

*Well, I hope you are all doing well. I decided to clear the messages and start over from scrath today as they were getting quite long. I hope this doesn't incovenience anyone.

*Some good news, Power Rangers Wild Force fans. Apparently, Fox Kids does still plan to show new episodes this summer. This Saturday's episode for June 1st is called "Power Play", where the Princess Onihime arrises to create destruction. So do you all think that Merrick will join the team?

*And more good news for Digimon fans, this Saturday's episode for June 1st will be called "The D-Reaper's Feast". It looks like we only get one episode this week. But the following week for June 8th, is the season finalle that we've all been waiting for. Rumor has it there's a Digithon that morning, so I hope we still get a new episode of Power Rangers.

*Ninja Storm news is great this week. We have our first view of the Green Ninja Storm Ranger, the sixth member of the Ninja Storm Rangers. Speaking of which, previously called Shadow Storm Rangers, I've been told that the correct translation is Thunder Storm Rangers.

*I was also so kind to update the Wild Force Site. I know you have all been waiting so impatiently. The story amongst a couple tiny fixes have been put up to date.

*I'm sure many of you have been wondering, what happened to the fanfic? Well, to be honest, I've been wondering myself. I'll try to get the third episode finished. Thoughts in my head are easy, but typing out the whole conversation can be tedious some times. Man, I wish I got paid for this type of thing. *Wink *Wink. Waiting to be hooked up with connections.

*Speaking of connections, if anyone wants to help me with the layout for the site, it would be great. For some reason it's not that compatible with Netscape and I've been to lazy to find out why. The html for this site is hard to learn. Long hours did I spend.

*On a brigher note, I have added something people have been screaming for. A new little site called the Digital World. If you're sitting there wondering to yourself, why all the links don't work, it's because I'm not done with it yet. You were just waiting to get on me about that, weren't you? And when, I say little site, I mean, not to expect too much out of it. For now it's just to provide a couple things, being the Digimon and their Digivolutions. It might get better as time continues, but then again.. it might not.

*Thank you for your time and patience with updates, expecially to the Wild Force site. Between two funerals, inadequate relational feelings, and my motherboard frying out this month, it's been a hectic month. And that's just for starters. But I'm not gonna burden you with all of my problems. I appoligize to anyone who I might have crossed me recently. *Smiles.

*Take care, the
~Black Wild Force Ranger~

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